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Next Birth After Caesarean – Navigating the System and Defending One’s Birth Rights

After the birth of my daughter, I wrote about when birth does not go according to expectations, with her delivery resulting in a caesarean section. A previous surgical birth had multiple implications for my second pregnancy and delivery, the major one being the freedom of choice and support pertaining to a repeat caesarean section or vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC).

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Health, Inspiration, My Journey

To The Mother Of An Unwell Child

To the mother of an unwell child; my heart breaks that you find yourself in this situation, a place where none of us expect to visit, wishing you could change circumstances beyond your control. For a long time I was somewhat ignorant of just how excruciatingly hard and painful the road you are walking is… until I had my own child. Whilst I cannot fully relate to your experience, I now witness it from a very different perspective.

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