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The Supermarket Boycott Challenge

For the month of October I set myself the challenge of avoiding going to the supermarket. Despite its convenience, there really isn’t anything appealing about a supermarket to me, especially when all the profit ends up in their pockets and not the farmers who ultimately put in all the hard work to sustain our food supply! So I said goodbye to the local Woolworths and Coles for all those ‘convenient’ top-up shops and sought all of our groceries from elsewhere, in attempt to support small local businesses, reduce food miles and limit waste.

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Celebrating Marriage

Last week my husband and I celebrate 6 years of marriage. Like a many things in life, it feels we tied the knot yesterday. As I reflect on what the last 6 years has brought into my life, I have compiled a gratitude list for my husband. Admittedly it was love at first sight for me, yes I pursued him, but he was still the one to pop the question! Today I can say I love him in many ways beyond his good looks; here is a few reason why…

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A Little Girl Dreams

What did you dream of growing up? Has your life unfolded in the way you anticipated it would 10, 20, 30 years ago? I recall myself in tears at the age of 16, crying to my own mother that I did not want to grow up, fearing all that life held (or didn’t hold) for me in the future as an adult. At the time I probably wanted to keep the life of little responsibility, commitment and relative freedom that I had, as it made me feel secure from disappointment.

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Dads – The Unsung Heroes

There is a plethora of books, magazines, articles, blogs, websites advising and celebrating mothers, but the fathers don’t quite get the same amount of attention and glorification that is women get. Perhaps it is because trend still favours stay at home mums as the primary caregiver or more women seek out parenting advice and inspiration from other mothers. More likely it might be because us women are a better marketing audience! But dads are worthy of just as much praise and admiration, support and advice as mums… and it all seems to come out on Father’s Day, much like this blog!

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To The Mother Of An Unwell Child

To the mother of an unwell child; my heart breaks that you find yourself in this situation, a place where none of us expect to visit, wishing you could change circumstances beyond your control. For a long time I was somewhat ignorant of just how excruciatingly hard and painful the road you are walking is… until I had my own child. Whilst I cannot fully relate to your experience, I now witness it from a very different perspective.

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Returning To Work – Embracing the Inevitable

Last month I returned to work after 16 months of maternity leave. It is perhaps the hardest thing I have had to do in a very long time. I held mixed emotions about this inevitable change in our weekly routine; admittedly most of them negatively geared towards not wanting to return to work at all. After being with my little possum pretty much 24-7 since her birth, the time came around all too quickly where this would change for a few days each week. But like all change, I had a choice to embrace it or resist it.  Continue reading…