My Experience Using Newborn Cloth Nappies

Having done the cloth nappy journey since 4 weeks old with my firstborn, I decided to start once we arrived home from hospital with bub number 2. I chose my newborn nappy system several months in advance, along with being gifted a few extra things prior to bub’s arrival. If I had of known that my bub would be born 4.2kg I may have done things a little differently as I was only expecting a 50th centile baby! 

Here is my experience using the following modern cloth nappies and accessories for a newborn (in the first 6-8 weeks)… 


Bubblebubs Prefolds and Bam Bams 

I wanted to go with an economical yet trim option to do cloth in the newborn period since bub would only be in teeny tiny nappies for a short time. I went with a split combo pack of 12 bamboo prefolds and 12 newborn fitted Bam Bam nappies from Bubblebubs. Both require a cover over the top as they are not waterproof on their own. 

I really liked the Bam Bams as an easy to use and trim nappy as they can mould to bubs shape and size. The Snappi nappy fastener was easy to secure on the bamboo terry fabric and was hubby’s preferred nappy to use as no folding is required. The only disadvantage for me was that my son is an epic feeder so heavily wet his nappies quite early on once my milk came in, as a result he was often out wetting the Bam Bam in under an hour. I could have boosted the nappy but then it would have lost the trim factor on a tiny baby and I didn’t have anything extra to boost with. I once tried boosting a Bam Bam with one of the prefolds but none of my covers would fit over the huge cloth butt! 

The bamboo veluor prefolds were a more absorbent option but fiddly to use. I had the small size which in hindsight I would have been better off with the newborn/premmie size given the amount of time I was using them. I found the small size too long and had to be folded down at one end when doing the angel fold to get the nappy to fit inside the covers and not have it covering bubs belly or riding up his back. The Snappi was needed to secure the nappy when using the angel fold and it was hard to attach as it did not catch as well to the bamboo velour fabric compared to the bamboo terry material of the Bam Bams. They were also too long for the newborn covers to do a pad fold without folding down at one end – which actually worked out okay as I was able to put more absorbency at the front of the nappy in the wet zone. They were bulky so I used these overnight when he was often wearing roomy Wondersuits. 


Baby BeeHinds newborn covers 

These were my favourite covers for a very fresh newborn baby. The velcro closure is Dad and grandparent friendly and the tabs are nice and big to secure for wash and easy to undo. They were a really nice small newborn size, perfect for getting a trim fit on a newborn baby whilst still getting good coverage over the Bam Bams until almost 5.5kg. The sandwhich PUL is nice and thick and very durable. Only downside is they are not double gusset but fortunately this was not an issue for me. 


Bummis newborn covers 

These covers are a similar size to the Baby BeeHinds covers but the wings seem a little shorter. The velcro tabs are much smaller which made them harder to undo without somewhat causing more wear to the sewing. They are made from a quality sandwich PUL material and a perfect trim size for a tiny newborn. Because they are very small and my son was born big, he outgrew these pretty quickly. 


Bubblebubs newborn covers 

I really liked these covers – quality sandwich PUL material, nice big velcro tabs and double gussets. If they were a tad smaller they would have been my favourite option for a newborn. Because of the generous sizing, I didn’t really start using them until my son was around the 5kg mark at 4 weeks. Now that he fits them well, they are my preferred option to go over both the Bam Bams, to use the prefold in and also over my Baby BeeHinds bamboo fitted nappies at night time.  


Newborn Baby BeeHinds Velcro All In One (AIO) 

Leanne from Baby Beehinds generously gifted me 2 of these wonderful nappies. This is probably the easiest newborn nappy on the market to use. No harder than using a disposable nappy which makes it super Dad and grandparent friendly. The bamboo flip out insert and booster provides up to 8 layers of absorbency (best absorbency I got in the early weeks) and makes drying time a little quicker than a traditional All In One Nappy. I still find they take the longest time to dry even though the bamboo layers flip out of the pocket and somewhat separate. Okay to dry in summer (luckily for me I had my bub at the end of spring), but not ideal for use in winter from a drying time perspective. Only real downside would be cost – it would have been a very expensive option to buy at least 2 dozen of these nappies that only fit up until around the 5kg mark. Great to have a few in your newborn stash for ease of use when out and about or when mum isn’t doing the nappy change. 


Newborn Close Pop In 

This nappy was also gifted to me by Johanna from The Cloth Nappy Market (who by the way, does an awesome unique mixed newborn nappy trial pack). I really liked this nappy from a size perspective to get a nice trim fit on a newbie, and like the Baby BeeHinds newborn AIO, the velcro closure is super easy to use (I just found the velcro tabs didn’t stay put during the wash and would snag to other items in the laundry bag). They have a snap in insert which is great for drying time but never provided enough absorbency for my son. I easy got around this by using a Baby BeeHinds trifold inside the nappy which I could just get to fit with the elastics fully extended. Once this was added it became as absorbent at the Baby BeeHinds AIO. 


I also decided to go cloth myself after birth and invested in some postpartum cloth pads just before bub’s arrival. I had used cloth pads for my only 2 periods between baby number 1 and 2, so I felt confident that I could manage it okay after birth as I was going to be washing nappies anyway. I used 2 different cloth pads in the postpartum period – Fe Fi Fo Mum postpartum size and Baby BeeHinds nights size. 

Fe Fi Fo Mum postpartum cloth pads 

These WAHM cloth pads are incredible and Tabitha’s work is top notch. I had the tie dye bamboo velour ones – so soft and pretty. The lining is a stay dry micro-chamois which is different to the Baby BeeHinds eco pads which is a bamboo velour and tends to make me feel wet – these were great at wicking away extra moisture. Great coverage and the whole pad is absorbent, not just a sewn in core (the postpartum ones have 3 layers of bamboo). I experienced no leaks whatsoever. So comfortable to wear and provided extra cushioning after needing some stitches! Only one snap to secure the pad in place which was never an issue for me and had 2 size settings (narrow or wider through the crotch). I would definitely recommend the heavy postpartum pads to any mumma wanting to use cloth after birth. I don’t own any other sizes yet but definitely keen to try them. Tabitha was super helpful in answering my numerous questions when I figured out what I would need to use in the postpartum period. 


Baby BeeHinds night eco pads 

I own all four sizes of these Baby BeeHinds eco pads which was really good for downsizing as my flow decreased over the weeks post birth. I love the quality sandwich PUL backing and soft bamboo velour lining. The nights size was not as absorbent as the Fe Fi Fo Mum pads, as only the core of the pad provided absorbency. This was not an issue after a week when my flow significantly decreased. Whilst the bamboo velour is really soft, it did leave me feeling a little wet and needed to change more often for the fresh feel. They have 2 snaps which helps hold the pad in place but I did find they bunched up a little after a while, especially when out walking. 


Fe Fi Fo Mum breast pads 

I am currently using these after trying a few other brands with my first (one was too bulky and another leaked through as had no PUL layer). These are the best I have tried to date – great coverage and absorbency, yet thin enough to be discrete and you cannot see through clothing that I am wearing breast pads. The bamboo velour does not ‘stick’ to my nipples as I found another brand with a microfleece lining did (I would have to peel those off, ouch!). As a result, I don’t have to use any lanolin to prevent sticking with these. I believe they come in both daytime and nighttime absorbency options, but I found the day time pads absorbent enough for me (still feeding several times overnight so don’t need night ones). I do leak on the non-feeding side with let downs, but I have not had to contend with wet bras or clothes other than when my son vomits down my cleavage or comes off during a let-down! As it is with all of Tabitha’s work, the quality is divine. 


I will be using a few different modern cloth nappies over the coming months so plan to review those shortly. Any questions, ask away in the comments section below. I would also love to know what cloth nappies you used in the newborn period which ones you loved (or not).