My Journey

Grateful for 2016 and Thankful for 2017

As 2016 has drawn to a close and 2017 has arrived, like many of us I decided to take time to reflect upon the past year and look forward to what the new year holds. If you have had a challenging year in 2016, it is easy to overlook all the positive things that life brought you over the past year. I pulled out my 2016 diary and found something from each month that I am grateful for. No matter how hard or smooth sailing your year was, we can all find some joy and grace amidst the storm.


New Year’s Day – grateful that my potential breast abscess was only a bad case of mastitis! Trying to find a surgeon on New Year’s Eve was a logistical nightmare. A few courses of oral antibiotics was a much better start to 2016 than surgery and IV antibiotics! Something that is rather humorous to look back on now but not so fun at the time…


Italian playgroup (Minitalia) starts up again for the year. Each week this is a beautiful time for me and my daughter to connect through creative play and exposure to the Italian language and culture. As she approached 1 year old, her engagement in and enjoyment of the program became much more apparent. Attending Minitalia throughout the year has shown me just how much her physical, mental and emotional development has progressed.


We celebrate a very important milestone – our daughter’s first birthday. A few years ago we never knew if we would see our children’s birthday and so very grateful that we were able to celebrate one in 2016. And yes we successfully made it through the first 12 months of parenting! The day after we also had our first family holiday for the year to Byron Bay – accommodation very generously provided by my parents and a lovely way to celebrate our daughter’s first year.


We had the opportunity to attend a fundraising photo shoot through the Multiple Births Association (no I don’t have twins but my cousin is the president of one of the branches). We captured some lovely memories with our 1 year old girl and her grandparents.


We temporarily farewelled my father in law as he returned to Italy for its summer and our winter. Not exactly a happy moment but reminded me of just how much our daughter was growing to love her Nonno and how his presence at out house of an evening helped me in many ways from being able to do some housework or cook a meal.


My daughter starts her transition into childcare one day a week as I anticipate my return to work on the 28th June. Perhaps one of the hardest things I have had to do all year but so grateful for the amazing care she receives and how much she has grown to love her time there. Having her in one day before I official went back to work meant that hubby and I could enjoy a lunch date with a Crown voucher I received for my 30th birthday.


This month was all about adjusting to the return to full time work. My diary is pretty empty and I purposely kept it that way to allow us all time to adjust to our new ‘normal’. Not the best time of year but grateful that I have an amazing sought after job. Thankful that I can work part time and have an incredible onsite early learning program, alongside our amazing parents who have given up one day of their week to look after our girl.


16th August – our daughter took her first few independent steps into the shower and over the next few days she was confidently walking longer stretches. Been anticipating walking for many months now and it was one of the highlights of our year… seriously the best thing to watch your child delight in their new capabilities!


Another much need holiday to Byron Bay with my wonderful in laws. Had gorgeous weather and some beautiful family time. A local photographer also captured some beautiful photos of my girl and I, particularly recording a memory of our breastfeeding journey. Hubby and I also celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary – reminded how much better my life is with him in it!


I celebrated another year of life – yay! I was showered with a lovely morning tea from my very supportive colleagues and a yummy takeaway sushi boat with my little family. I also caught up with an old work colleague who I had not seen in over a year. So lovely to now see our 2 little ones (who are a few months apart) play in the park (we both had newborns last time we met).


Nonno returns from Italy! Our daughter is reunited with her grandfather and again gets to enjoy some special time with him. Someone also gets her first haircut and a very cute glitter ponytail! Fortunately she loved it as she was absorbed driving her pink car (the chair) and watching Peppa Pig on the TV (to hide the scissor work in the mirror).


Thankful that Christmas is a lovely time of the year for us with the many family and friends we have the privilege of doing life with. This month we also saw my husband’s aunty for the first time in over 4 years (since we were in Italy in 2012); it was her first time visiting Australia in 10 years. I also got to meet some members of my husband’s extended family from overseas for the very first time. A lovely way to spend Christmas and the coming of the New Year!


There is a post floating around on social media at the moment about collecting memos of something you are thankful for at the end of each week in a jar. At the end of the year you have 52 reasons how 2017 blessed you. I am definitely going to subscribe myself to this! Looking forward to all that 2017 holds… here’s to a year of being #thankful