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Returning To Work – Embracing the Inevitable

Last month I returned to work after 16 months of maternity leave. It is perhaps the hardest thing I have had to do in a very long time. I held mixed emotions about this inevitable change in our weekly routine; admittedly most of them negatively geared towards not wanting to return to work at all. After being with my little possum pretty much 24-7 since her birth, the time came around all too quickly where this would change for a few days each week. But like all change, I had a choice to embrace it or resist it.  Continue reading…

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Making Food Fun – Baby Led Weaning

Returning to part time work within weeks, I am reminded of what I did every day prior to going on maternity leave – teaching kids and their parents about good nutrition… well a little more complicated than that as I was caring for babies and children with rather interesting and cumbersome dietary requirements! Fortunately I had the freedom to allow my daughter to learn how to eat and enjoy all foods freely. Continue reading…

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The Gift of Liquid Gold

I will always remember a patient’s mother at work asking me if and how she could obtain donor breastmilk for her sick daughter. I knew there was a breastmilk bank at one of the maternity hospitals in Melbourne, but they only accepted milk from their current or previous patients and provided the donated breastmilk to the babies within the hospital. It was an exclusive breastmilk bank and we probably would not have had much luck in getting some for this mother’s baby. Not to mention all of the policies and procedures that you would have to navigate when it comes to utilising another mother’s breastmilk in the healthcare setting!

Continue reading…

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