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A Woman’s Monthly Friend: Baby BeeHinds Eco Pads 

Now this might gross out a lot of women, but what if I told you there was a reusable version of your disposable tampons and pads? Something that would save millions of female sanitary items ending up in landfill each year? Well such things do exist – your equivalent tampon is the silicone menstrual cup and reusable cloth sanitary pads, made in much the same way as modern cloth nappies but a lot trimmer and for mums! Continue reading…

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The Supermarket Boycott Challenge

For the month of October I set myself the challenge of avoiding going to the supermarket. Despite its convenience, there really isn’t anything appealing about a supermarket to me, especially when all the profit ends up in their pockets and not the farmers who ultimately put in all the hard work to sustain our food supply! So I said goodbye to the local Woolworths and Coles for all those ‘convenient’ top-up shops and sought all of our groceries from elsewhere, in attempt to support small local businesses, reduce food miles and limit waste.

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The Gift of Liquid Gold

I will always remember a patient’s mother at work asking me if and how she could obtain donor breastmilk for her sick daughter. I knew there was a breastmilk bank at one of the maternity hospitals in Melbourne, but they only accepted milk from their current or previous patients and provided the donated breastmilk to the babies within the hospital. It was an exclusive breastmilk bank and we probably would not have had much luck in getting some for this mother’s baby. Not to mention all of the policies and procedures that you would have to navigate when it comes to utilising another mother’s breastmilk in the healthcare setting!

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The Benefits of Bamboo and Shopping Ethically

Since I started using cloth nappies I have become a lot more conscious about the everyday choices I make when it comes to eco and sustainable living; not just environmentally but ethically as well. The many decisions we make today will have an impact on our children’s future, for the better or worse. In this article I outline a few small lifestyle choices I have made regarding the clothes I wear to benefit our children’s future, both environmentally and economically.

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Baby BeeHinds Modern Cloth Nappies

After writing a blog about how I found my way into using modern cloth nappies, I have put together some information on my choice of modern cloth nappies and why I like them, and the scenarios that I find them useful for. There are many different brands and styles of modern cloth nappies on the market these days, so I am just going to focus on my favourites and the ones that I use on my daughter on a daily basis.

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